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  Get active. Learn more about the Democrats in Scott County and what we stand for. Our government is only as good as we make it. That means we all must do our part.
If you've never known, DFL stands for Democratic-Farmer-Laborer. We are the party of the people, with a long, proud tradition in Minnesota. It was the people-first policies, enacted by DFL leadership (along with progressive Republicans), that propelled Minnesota to the top rank of US states in economic, health, education, and social justice measurements.
Scott County
Alan Benson, Chair
Jeanette Gloege, Associate Chair
Allen Frechette, Secretary
Lawrence Sandoval, Treasurer
Sharon Schmidt, Affirmative Action and Outreach
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Tired of the Minnesota Tax Payers League, talk radio ranters, and other right-wingers defining any and all who oppose their extremist agenda? Let's take back our language and do some defining ourselves.

People who believe in a government that is willing to embrace change in order to enhance the lives of all citizens.
People who are willing to change the status quo.
People who believe this is the best of all possible worlds.
People who are resistant to, or afraid of, change.
An institution whose purpose is to improve the lives of all residents.
Progressive Taxation
The principle that those citizens privileged enough to earn high incomes have the responsibility to pay a higher proportion of income in taxes than lower income earners.
National Security
A governmental priority to protect the nation from foreign attack.
The governmental responsibility to protect the environment—air, land, water, wildlife—from the harmful effects of man-made pollution.
Ensuring the education for all children is the responsibility of local, state, and federal government.

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